White Fillings in Iowa City, IA

White Fillings in Iowa City, IA

White fillings are also known as composite fillings because they are made from a mixture of plastic and glass particles. At Willow Creek Family Dentistry, they are made by a special machine that mixes the particles until they have the correct consistency. When the dentist places a white filling, he or she can match the filling to the color of your teeth. It will look like your natural tooth, rather than that silver amalgam.


What Are White Fillings Made From?

White fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, are made from composite resin, which is a mixture of plastic and glass. This material is very durable and matches your natural tooth color.

White fillings are also called “bonded fillings” or “direct fillings” because the composite material bonds directly to your tooth. This increases the strength and durability of the filling and makes it less likely to break or crack.

What are the Benefits of White Fillings?

Natural Look

White fillings offer a more natural-looking appearance than silver fillings. That’s because white fillings match the color of your natural teeth, while silver fillings stand out against the natural shade of your teeth.


Preserves Tooth Structure

Unlike silver amalgam fillings, white fillings contain no metal. This means they won’t expand or contract when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. This makes them more comfortable, safer, and less likely to crack your teeth.


Discoloration Prevention

Since white fillings are completely indistinguishable from natural teeth, your smile remains white and stain-free. Dark beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine will leave your smile looking discolored.


Minimal Tooth Preparation Needed

Unlike silver fillings, white fillings only require minimal tooth preparation. This is because white fillings fit tightly against the surface of your tooth and don’t require extensive reshaping before placement.


Long-Lasting Results

White fillings offer patients a way to repair their smiles without altering their natural tooth color. The material used for white fillings is also tooth-colored, so patients can enjoy the cosmetic benefits of white fillings without the worry of standing out in a crowd.


White fillings offer patients long-lasting results. Unlike traditional silver fillings, white fillings do not contain any metal. That means patients don’t have to worry about any chipping or wearing down of their fillings over time.


Are White Fillings Safe?

White fillings are made from resin or porcelain, which are both tooth-colored materials. These fillings are custom-made in a lab to look exactly like your natural teeth. Porcelain fillings can also be matched to your natural tooth color so that your filling blends in seamlessly with your smile.


White fillings do have a few advantages. They are completely metal-free, so there are no concerns with tooth sensitivity or allergic reactions. They are also bonded to the tooth, so they will not fall out or crack as traditional metal fillings can.


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